Trouble removing mini cripple capacitor

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      I ve been trying to remove the miniature cripple capacitor as per the instructions on the QFM mods page (

      Problem is, I can t get the dammned thing off! It s a Hobbico microsizer
      so I m also wondering if it will make any difference at all for extending controller range. I also went looking for the cripple capacitor in the controller, but it didn t have one. I m wondering is Tomy did something else to cut the range on Microsizers as they started US distribution.

      But back to this troublesome minicapacitor. Is there any other way of removing or cutting the connection without having to soften the solder on both ends? I spent 30min. hunched over the thing with a mag visor and a red hot soldering iron, but I couldn t get the solder soft enough on both ends for it to lift off (without melting something else on the circut board). I m considering trying to cut it with a pair of micro nippers – if I can find a pair small enough to do the job. Any tips on this??

      Thanks in advance for any help! 😀


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      it wont cut off, been there tried that. you will have to use a very hot and high wattage iron to take it off

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      make sure u adjust the coil after u remove the cap..otherwise it wont make a positive difference
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      get a pair of needle nose pliers and grab that sucker, then gently shake the car as you put the soldering iron on the solder. i found it quite easy and only used a 25 watt iron,

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