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      I’ve noticed a few of you guys using wheels and tyres from the Muscle Machine Cars. I picked one up one of the new ones today at Wal-Mart, a Mitsubishi Lancer with tri spoke wheels. Looking at them I thought the wheels would be the same size as the Micro rears (want to do a full wheel mod on my bB) but they are actually the size of the fronts. They’re perfect for those that want to lower-rider their cars. I did notice this had a Chrome muffler & tail pipe ????

      Now I’ve seen the aluminum “mufflers” go for $9.00. I can’t see spending that amount for a non-functioning part to dress up a Micro. The Muscle Machine costs $2.99 and the spoiler, wheels, & muffler can all be used as custom Micro mods.

      So rush out to your nearest Wal-Mart and get yours today!!!!!


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      i have seen the Muscle machine rims put on a Evo,looked pretty damn nice… arent there a bigger version with biger rims becos the 1 i saw had big and i mean real big rims.. they competely filled the gaurds

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      yea the muscle machines have several different size tires.. the tuner cars like the one darktari is talking about are pretty close to the size of the bit wheels.. if you get one of the regular MM cars, there are three different sizes of rear (large tires). the sizes depend on the release of the car. anyway. there are a lot of them… they also have MM monster trucks now that have even bigger tires, that look like monster truck tires with the “V” tread and some have nobs.. check out their website..

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